The Midwestern Universities Analytical Chemistry Conference (MUACC) is a gathering of analytical chemists organized on a yearly basis on a traveling location in this broad area of the USA. The Midwest is home of major developments in analytical chemistry, and heir to a tradition of using this conference as an instrument of modernization. Attracting scientists at all levels – including faculty from small and large research and undergraduate universities, postdoctoral and graduate students – MUACC helps shaping the future of analytical chemistry by discussing the current state of the art, identifying new research trends, and exposing new generations of scientists to a broad scientific legacy, all in an informal setting.   The first Midwestern Universities Analytical Chemistry Conference was held in 1946 and has been holding strong since. Through the years, the “extendedMidwest” secret weapon has been described in the following publications:

2021October 14-16The Ohio State University
2020Cancelled - COVID
2019November 7-9Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
2018October 19-21Michigan State University
2017October 19-21Ohio University
2016October 13-15University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2015November 5-7University of Minnesota
2014?Iowa State University
2013OctoberUniversity of Notre Dame
2012September 27-29University of Wisconsin at Madison
2011November 10-12University of St. Louis
2010October 7-9Purdue University
2009December 3-5Michigan State University
2008November 13-15Indiana University
2007November 1-3University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2005October 13-15Miami University
2004October 14-16The Ohio State University
2003October 9-11IUPUI/Butler University
2002October 3-5University of Pittsburgh
2001October 18-20University of Minnesota
2000October 12-14University of Wisconsin
1999OctoberIllinois State University
1998OctoberWayne State University
1997?Purdue University
1996October 24-26University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
1995OctoberNorthern Illinois University
1994SeptemberKansas State University
1993October 14-16Indiana University
1992October 22-24Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
1991October 24-26University of Michigan
1990October 25-27University of Minnesota
1989October 19-21Miami University of Ohio
1988November 3-5Michigan State University
1987November 5-7The Ohio State University
1986October 16-18University of Pittsburgh
1985October 10-12University of Iowa
1984October 18-20University of Wisconsin-Madison
1983October 13-15Youngstown State University
1982October 7-9University of Kentucky
1981October 1-3Purdue University
1980October 3-4Iowa State University
1979October 12-13University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
1978October 6-7Indiana University
1977October 28-29University of Nebraska
1976August 3-4University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
1975November 7-8Wayne State University
1974November 15-16Hamline University
1972November 10-11The Ohio State University
1971November 12-13University of Cincinnati
1970November 13-14University of Wisconsin
1969November 7-8University of Colorado
1968November 15-16Northern Illinois University
1967November 17-18Kansas State University
1966November 18-19Indiana University
1965November 19-20Michigan State University
1964December 4-5Northwestern University
1963December 6-7University of Kansas
1962December 7-8G. Fredrick Smith Chemical Co.
1961December 1-2Wayne State University
1960December 2-3University of Minnesota
1959December 5-6Purdue University
1958December 5-6University of Iowa
1957December 26-27University of Wisconsin
1956December 27-28Northwestern University
1955December 28-29Iowa State University
19542019-12-28 00:00:00Michigan State University
19532019-12-29 00:00:00Indiana University
19522019-12-29 00:00:00University of Illinois
1948None held
1947DecemberNorthwestern University
1946?University of Illinois